Deja Vu (Movie - 1998)

If you didn’t know anything about Henry Jaglom — that his low-budget, clumsily assembled films are often teeth-gratingly self-indulgent and autobiographical, and that many of his more recent obsessions (women and eating disorders, women and baby lust) are worked out in collaboration with his actress-cowriter wife, Victoria Foyt — you might find this middle-aged romance charming, before that teeth-grating self-indulgence gets in the way.

Stephen Dillane plays a married English painter in Deja Vu, and Foyt is a businesswoman less than passionately engaged to a guy whose main character flaw appears to be that he answers truthfully when his fiancee babbles, then asks ”Do you know what I’m talking about?” The universe teems with signs and portents (in Israel, Paris, London, and the song-inspiring white cliffs of Dover) that the hero and heroine should drop everything and run off together. And then, for good measure, they receive the blessing of a free spirit (Vanessa Redgrave) who advises, ”Jump into life.” So run, already. C-

Deja Vu (Movie - 1998)
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