Spring bracelets -? The trinkets are over before they ever even started

Talk about here today, gone today. Fashion now moves so quickly that at least one trend is being called over before it ever really began. Spring bracelets — worn dozens at a time (a la Madonna’s black rubber bands from the ’80s) and made from thin, coiled watch springs — have recently been spotted on the wrists of Janet Jackson, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, and Grammy winner Shawn Colvin. They even turned up in a recent story line on Beverly Hills, 90210, in which Tori Spelling’s fashion-savvy Donna refused to surrender hers to a bratty child model. However, according to a recent Harper’s Bazaar, the trinkets are ”out.” Still, you’ll find versions ($3 to $25 per dozen and spruced up with beads and pearls) being sold by street vendors and in boutiques like Rampage and Express, while a more upscale version (below) is sold at Saks Fifth Avenue for $100 per 80 bracelets. What’s a fashion fan to do? Apparently, just ignore it. ”They’re selling really well,” says an Express spokeswoman, who thinks the bracelets got the bounce because they became popular with the masses. ”Fashion people tend to [announce] a trend over when it hits the youth market.” So much for teen spirit.