Shooting Fish

In Shooting Fish, Dylan (Dan Futterman) and Jez (Stuart Townsend), a couple of overgrown Lost Boys at large in London, attempt to make up for their miserable orphan childhoods by concocting inventive schemes to fleece the rich. The Wendy figure who abets them (they do their work so effectively, you see, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel) is a lively gamine (Kate Beckinsale from ”Much Ado About Nothing”) who turns out to be working through daffy family stuff of her own. British director Stefan Schwartz’s caper is wafer-thin, content-light, structure-wobbly, and whimsy-heavy: The ever-so-twinkly young men live in an ornately renovated gas tank, listen to Burt Bacharach tunes, and exchange quips not worth quipping. There is, though, one nice giggle at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s expense — although that too is like shooting fish, innit? C+

Shooting Fish
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