Face Down

A private dick (Mantegna) takes the case of a beautiful but mysterious (and, it turns out, schizophrenic) woman (Kelli Maroney), to the consternation of his former pal in the NYPD (Riegert), who harbors a grudge because the shamus, who used to be a cop, once manufactured evidence indirectly leading to the death of…oh, never mind. Face Down is just ridiculously convoluted, and I haven’t even gotten to Adam Ant’s role as a shady highfalutin art dealer yet. This is one of those cable thrillers that grabs your attention at 1:45 a.m. when you were about to turn off the TV and hit the sack. On video, it’s for rabid fans of compellingly phlegmatic Mamet regular Mantegna only. C

Face Down
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