What's the best gift you ever gave your mom?

KATHLEEN QUINLAN ”A little silver dish that I got at some junk store when I was about 10. It probably cost me $5, and to this day she still keeps it on her counter to leave little notes for me in there.”

CHRISTINE BARANSKI (Cybill) ”I went to the drugstore and there was this larger-than-life bottle of cologne sitting on the shelf. I must have been 6 or 7 years old, and I thought it was so special. But then I noticed that she never used it.”

RENE RUSSO ”A house.”

RON HOWARD ”Well, it’s a little corny, but I was actually able to tell my mother that she was going to be a grandma on Mother’s Day.”

CLINT EASTWOOD ”I always send flowers. She came to the Academy Awards with me, and she’s been to some nice functions. These are all things she enjoys. I’ve also given her some nice grandchildren. She’s a happy camper.”

LISA NICOLE CARSON (Ally McBeal) ”One time I bought her about 100 paintings of flowers because my mother is my flower. She thought it was frivolous and made me take them back. We went shopping for clothes instead.”

FRANCES FISHER (Titanic) ”Myself. I was born on Mother’s Day.”

BRENT SPINER (Star Trek: The Next Generation) ”I gave her Stan Musial’s first-baseman’s mitt. I think that was her favorite. She was into memorabilia.”

HEATHER TOM (The Young and the Restless) ”It was a collaborative effort between me and my brother and sister. We went down to the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel [Calif.] for the weekend. We had brunch and had a masseuse and facialist come in for her. It was a family-bonding weekend.”

BILL PAXTON ”I think I brought home a good report card one time and it really pleased her. But I’d have to go and talk to a therapist and be hypnotized to think back.”

JACK LEMMON ”I was at a camp in Maine — I must have been a snappy 9-year-old. I made a pillow stuffed with pine needles and I gave it to her for Mother’s Day. She always said that was the greatest gift I ever gave her. It was god-awful.”

TIM CONWAY ”Those things you weave on a little board — like little carpeting. She cherished that and still has it framed. She’s not alive, but the frame still exists.”

JOELY FISHER (Ellen) ”Last year, we went down and rented rooms in a hotel in Malibu, where we got massages and psychic readings.”

PERI GILPIN (Frasier) ”One year Robert Redford was doing an event in Dallas, and he screened The Natural with a dinner afterward. I bought us tickets, and she loved it. We got to meet him!”

KELSEY GRAMMER ”When I was a kid, I made her one of those silhouette plates with the felt on it. It was awful.”

LYPSINKA ”A copy of Mommie Dearest.”

DEBI MAZAR ”I never give her funny things; I always give her practical things — like gardening tools. That’s what she likes. I think.”

GLORIA STUART (Titanic) ”I thought it was a very commercial move to do a Mother’s Day. My mother was gone by the time they came up with this idea. I think you should celebrate Mother’s Day every day.”

SPIKE LEE ”I just told her I loved her.”