Should Gus Van Sant remake ''Psycho''?

Director Gus Van Sant’s upcoming remake of ”Psycho,” which will use the original script from the 1960 Hitchcock film, has prompted the production company Imagine Entertainment to take a cue from Norman Bates: Mum’s the word. Imagine’s reps aren’t talking about the actors who are reportedly being considered for the film: Vince Vaughn to play the Anthony Perkins role, Anne Heche to take Janet Leigh’s place, Julianne Moore to play Heche’s sister and William H. Macy to play the police investigator.

” ‘Psycho’ is one of those movies, along with things like Stanley Kubrick’s new film and George Lucas’ next ‘Star Wars’ film, which have a ‘No comment’ from the beginning through the making of the movie,” says Imagine’s president of publicity, Michael Rosenberg. ”When the movie’s finished, we’ll show it.”

Some fans of the Hitchcock classic are more eager to endure the suspense than others. ”I’m intrigued by the idea of a remake based on the original script,” says Ken Mogg, editor of the MacGuffin, a newsletter about Hitchcock’s films. ”Not least intriguing is the choice of the very capable Gus Van Sant.” But Entertainment Weekly film critic Lisa Schwarzbaum says the sequel is enough to make her scream: ”Remaking ‘Psycho’ takes the most incredible chutzpah, and those considering doing it should be shot. I don’t want to see Vince Vaughn in that role, and I don’t want to see Anne Heche in that role. They should find other work for themselves.” In other words, hit the showers.

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