The President talks about our special ''Seinfeld'' issue

We hate to say we told you so, but…Way back in January of 1992, before most of America had discovered Seinfeld (it was getting cut up in the ratings by ABC’s Doogie Howser, M.D.), ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY declared it ”probably the funniest show on television…one of the purest of all TV-viewing pleasures.” Of course, we also said ”it’s unlikely that Seinfeld will ever be as popular as, say, Roseanne,” but what did we know?

Thus began a love affair between EW and Seinfeld that resulted in Jerry’s face gracing our cover no fewer than 14 times (his trio of talented costars — Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards — tallied another 24 cover appearances among them). The romance also spawned Bruce Fretts’ best-selling 1993 book, The Entertainment Weekly Seinfeld Companion, and 1997’s 26-page cover package, ”The Ultimate Seinfeld Viewer’s Guide,” which recently won a National Magazine award.

”It makes sense that EW would examine the minutiae of Seinfeld as obsessively as Jerry picks apart his dates,” says general editor Mary Kaye Schilling, the mastermind behind last year’s ”Ultimate” issue as well as the one you’re currently holding. ”Our readers and the show’s characters are a lot alike: hip, smart, occasionally cranky, and preoccupied with pop-culture minutiae.”

And we are happy to report that the Ford Motor Company and several of its divisions had the savvy to sign up as the exclusive advertisers in this issue. Recognizing EW as the magazine that has covered and critiqued Seinfeld more closely and completely than any other, Ford chose to associate itself with NBC’s wildly popular sitcom through our first-ever single-sponsor issue.

You might think that this most comprehensive compendium of All Things Seinfeldian, released on the eve of the show’s grand finale, is much ado about Nothing. And you’d be right. We here at EW wouldn’t have it any other way.