Surfing the Web on the road -- Internet-ready cars are on their way

Knight Rider, eat your CPU out: Internet-equipped cars with access to E-mail and the Web are coming around the corner. Unveiled at last month’s New York International Auto Show, the prototype Infiniti I30 ELSE (marketing-speak for Executive Luxury Special Edition) contains a Windows CE-powered AutoPC with an LCD screen that displays incoming E-mail and a computer voice that dictates the text (presumably to keep drivers’ eyes on the road). But don’t throw away your desktop PC yet: The device lacks a keyboard and mouse, so the only way to send out E-mail is to record an audio clip. Worse, the car displays the text of websites on a tiny screen, and since it operates on ”push” technology, it displays only Web pages that are beamed to it. Even with the ELSE’s shortcomings, though, the Infiniti I30 ELSE could start a trend — if it goes into production.