Measuring Godzilla -- We piece together the billboards' clues on how big the monster lizard really is

What’s with the Kremlin-type security surrounding TriStar’s Godzilla? We may have an answer: Maybe the studio has no clue about what the big beast looks like. We’ve pieced together stats about Big G from promotional billboards plastered around San Francisco, L.A., and New York City. Below, the confusing sums of the parts. (All we can figure out is that it’s bigger than a bread box.)

·Its foot is as big as…a San Francisco city bus (about 40 feet)

·Its tail is as long as…four New York City subway cars (300 feet — 75 feet each)

·It’s taller than…S.F.’s Bay Bridge (220 feet)…L.A.’s Mormon Temple (257 feet)…New York Harbor’s Statue of Liberty (305 feet 1 inch)

·It’s twice as tall as…the Hyatt West Hollywood on L.A.’s Sunset Boulevard (252 feet)

·It’s twice as long as…a Boeing 747 (463 feet 8 inches)

Godzilla (Movie - 1998)
  • Movie
  • 140 minutes
  • Roland Emmerich