WEBSITE//FILM SCORE MONTHLY ( Okay, you bought James Horner’s score for Titanic, and now you can’t go to a movie without noticing the darn music. You’ve contracted soundtrack fever, and you’re far from alone. If you want to get up to speed — what other composers are out there, what are the ”great scores,” what’s up with Horner’s fake British accent — this is probably the most useful of the many film-score websites. An outgrowth of the upstart print magazine about film-score music, Film Score Monthly ( has daily reports on the business, composer interviews, regular reviews, and — most helpful for the neophyte — a handbook of basic information and a nicely compulsive list of links to other movie-music sites. There’s a bulletin board, too, but don’t post unless you know the score: Film-music fans may like being knowledgeable, but they love being persnickety. B+