A young Hollywood cribsheet -- We sum up all you need to know about the newest and hottest faces in Hollywood

With so many pledges keen to join Hollywood’s version of the Greek system, you can’t size up all the BMOCs without a crib sheet. Yet if we surveyed every hopeful, you’d finish reading this next semester. Herein, an abridged guide to rushees with an inside shot at brotherhood.

The elders

Tom Cruise
Started in ’83 with Risky Business and grinned his way to the $25 million club. New Kubrick flick shows artistic integrity.

Brad Pitt
Alongside whippersnappers Damon and DiCaprio, could seem so 1994. But an attractive and still potent 1994.

Will Smith
He doesn’t have a prefab megahit this summer, but he’ll no doubt lasso a Will-ing audience with 1999’s Wild, Wild West.

Johnny Depp
Lacks opening-weekend clout, but great turns like his Donnie Brasco agent bring him enormous casting cachet.

The new guard

Matt Damon
Has it all: looks, talent, East Coast smarts. Globally seen Oscar writing win positions him as future overseas demigod.

Ben Affleck
The second half of 1998’s high-profile ”Who’s cuter?” debate. Armageddon could be gateway to universal acceptance.

Leonardo Dicaprio
An uber-heartthrob and preoccupation of Hollywood players and females under 40. Right now he can float anything.

In the wings

Joaquin Phoenix
River’s little brother is more brooding but just as talented. Role in Nic Cage thriller 8 Millimeter may boost his measure.

Tobey Maguire
His Ice Storm turn just scratched the surface. Even younger than Affleck and Damon, he’s got time on his side.

Ryan Phillippe
The I Know What You Did star isn’t a Hollywood secret anymore. Will his dance card be full after Studio 54?

The thespians

Edward Norton
Want pedigree for your flick? Sign this Yale grad, who shuns the limelight. Teams with Damon in gambling pic Rounders.

Cuba Gooding Jr.
Still kidded for ebullient Oscar speech, but skills are undeniable. Stars in Instinct as Anthony Hopkins’ psychiatrist.

Comic relief

Jay Mohr
Picture Perfect gave him leading-man chops. Now Jerry Maguire‘s sharky agent gives voice to Paulie‘s talking parrot.

Chris Rock
May be sharpest comic of the ’90s. Signed to partner (and romance Danny Glover’s daughter) in Lethal Weapon franchise.

Brendan Fraser
George of the Jungle‘s body beautiful. His brawn meets Frankenstein‘s brain in Gods and Monsters.

The TV guys

Giovanni Ribisi
Honed film (SubUrbia) and TV (Friends) resume before Spielberg tapped him for Private Ryan. Next: Mod Squad.

James Van Der Beek
Landed in Dawson’s Creek and started teen riptide. Already in the swim with summer movie Varsity Blues.

Plugging away

Ethan Hawke
Before Sunrise and Gattaca did okay; Newton Boys bombed. Maybe Snow Falling on Cedars will be his breakout role.

Skeet Ulrich
Vet of Newton Boys misfire still milking Scream fame. Got role Damon considered in Ang Lee’s Ride With the Devil.