April 24, 1998 at 04:00 AM EDT

Car-nal knowledge

Here’s some advice for soundtrack producers: If you’re thinking about cashing in on the hugely successful Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee sex video, don’t bother calling Soul Asylum. The band’s 1995 single ”Misery” is playing on the Lees’ car stereo during the video’s extended auto-erotic sequence, and Soul Asylum are less than ecstatic. ”It makes it look like we were part of this thing, like we scored their scene,” says guitarist Dan Murphy, who recently found out about the unintentional accompaniment from a roadie and is investigating the band’s legal options. ”When it was just a little video sitting around at someone’s party it was one thing, but now [it’s being] mass-marketed, and it’s got our tune in it. I got mad when I saw that it was for sale.” Fair enough, but legal questions aside, what do Soul Asylum think of Pam and Tommy’s talents? ”I was distinctly unimpressed,” says Murphy. Tommy’s ”packin’, there’s no doubt about it, but he doesn’t seem like the brightest guy in the world. He says ‘f—in’ rad’ way too much. And I thought the camera work wasn’t so hot during that scene. They should fire the director.”
Rob Brunner

The DiFranco files

What’s a feisty neo-folkie musician like Ani DiFranco doing in a nice place like Arlen, Tex.? Why, she’s spoofing that indie-rocker image on Fox’s King of the Hill. In a very special Mother’s Day episode airing May 10, Peggy takes guitar lessons from DiFranco’s freaky feminist, who persuades her student to rebel against the homemaker life. Fox had hoped to cast a more high-wattage star like Alanis Morissette or Fiona Apple, but DiFranco was Hill‘s top bill. ”We thought Ani would have some good shock value,” explains the show’s executive producer Greg Daniels. ”She’s more authentic and politically aware than some of the women in Lilith Fair. She’s the whole, coherent philosophical package.”
Dan Snierson

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