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By EW Staff
Updated April 24, 1998 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers

Statuette liberties

Apparently someone took their bitter pills before your Oscar edition (#425, April 3)! The whole world knows the Oscars are going to be cheesy. We all watch it and enjoy it anyway. As much as I was ready for it to be over when they wheeled out just about every Oscar winner still alive, it was amazing to see so many living legends on stage.
Josh Einsohn
Studio City, Calif.

I was appalled by writer Ken Tucker’s attack on Robin Williams’ winning his Oscar. This man has paid his dues and is just as deserving as any other actor out there. This is not to take anything away from Burt Reynolds or any of the others named in the Best Supporting Actor category, for they had great performances as well. But Williams’ acceptance — and just the fact that he finally won an award — brought tears of joy to my eyes. Tucker should be ashamed for attacking Robin just because his man did not win.
Kevin Kutchie
St. Joseph, Mich.

Thanks to Ken Tucker for confirming what I’ve been saying for years. Namely, that Jack Nicholson is a one-note performer who plays the same wack-job character in nearly every movie he’s in.
Diane Longenecker
Aston, Pa.

Shame on you, Joan Rivers! Helen Hunt weighs less than Kate Winslet’s arm, indeed! When I want to watch freakishly thin, small-minded crones giving bad fashion advice, I’ll watch you and your daughter. When I want to watch a truly beautiful woman who lights up the screen more than anyone since Grace Kelly, I’ll watch Kate.
John Weldy
Piqua, Ohio

I’d like to send a big ”thank you” to Joan Rivers, who, in your Oscar fashion profile, again insulted Kate Winslet’s weight. Thanks, Ms. Rivers, for laying the soil from which anorexia nervosa grows. Skinny girls are a dime a dozen, Joan, and your words aren’t worth the salt they abstain from.
Robert Moore

My friends and I must have been watching a different Oscar telecast than Ken Tucker. We enjoyed it tremendously and all thought it was one of the best in years. Next year, get someone other than Tucker to review the show, or at least educate him on the difference between witty and snotty.
Alan Light
Iowa City, Iowa

What a hoot! Your coverage of the Oscar fashions was the best! In a world where many ”stars” take themselves so seriously, you helped make them human.
Kate Revenaugh Zylstra
Lawrence, Kan.

Now, why would EW print that I called Joan Rivers ”a bitch in sign language” on the E! pre-Oscar show when EW called to confirm the story and I told them it wasn’t true? Tsk, tsk, tsk, Entertainment Weekly. You don’t know me very well, do you? Anyone knows that when I want to call someone that, I’ll speak it. I can say that word very clearly, thank you very much.
Marlee Matlin
Los Angeles

EDITOR’S NOTE: We apologize to Ms. Matlin. In the deadline rush to close the post-Oscar issue, we failed to correct our mention of the incident.