Don King: Only in America

Viewers who know Rhames only as the basso profundo bald guy in films like Pulp Fiction and Con Air, prepare to be flabbergasted: This man can act. So thoroughly does he inhabit King’s flamboyant jive-huckster persona that memories of Marsellus Wallace never intrude; Rhames earned his Golden Globe with this stunning chameleon performance. The movie’s pretty nifty too, nicely employing the risky device of having King address the camera (occasionally launching into hilarious obscenity-laced tirades against HBO, which made the film) as reenactments of scenes from his past are projected on a screen behind him. Like many biopics, Don King: Only in America‘s a bit shapeless — the subtitle’s theme isn’t really meaningfully developed — but Rhames alone makes it a must-see. B+

Don King: Only in America
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