What we missed while ''Titanic'' ruled the headlines

First law of box office physics: What goes up must come down. Even Titanic. After a record-breaking 15 straight weeks on top of the movie charts, James Cameron’s opus was bested last weekend by Lost in Space. Back on Dec. 19, when the ship of dreams first chugged out to sea, Helen Hunt was making chump change, Michelle Kwan was the favorite for the gold, and no one knew anything about the White House intern program. What else has happened since?

·Number of points the Dow has risen: 1,227.12 (as of close of market on April 3)
·Number of times Monica Lewinsky has been on the cover of TIME and Newsweek: 5
·Number of wars with Iraq narrowly avoided: 1
·Number of stripper-themed episodes on Jerry Springer: 13
·Number of original episodes of Seinfeld aired: 6
·Number of dollars composer James Horner has reportedly earned from the Titanic soundtrack: $20 million plus
·Number of other movies that opened: 130
·Number of John Travolta movies that opened: 2
·Number of stories in which Titanic has appeared in the major publications covered by Lexis-Nexis: 22,869
·Number of actual Titanic survivors who have died: 1 (87-year-old Eleanor I. Shuman, on March 7, 1998)