Twiggy and the ''X-Files'' soundtrack made news the week of April 17, 1998

Gettin’ Twiggy Wit It

Bizarre team-ups in pop are getting to be as commonplace as Puff Daddy remixes. But the beauty-and-the-beast collaboration of the year award goes to ’60s model/actress/pop star Twiggy and Marilyn Manson guitarist Twiggy Ramirez, who recently paired off to record a cover of the Dusty Springfield chestnut ”I Only Want to Be With You” for the upcoming Dead Man on Campus soundtrack. Seems a friend of the distaff Twiggy’s met Ramirez backstage when Marilyn Manson played the Late Show with David Letterman on Feb. 19, and subsequently set up an introduction between the two, who got on famously. In an attempt to capture their unique chemistry, they cut the Springfield song shortly after they met. ”[Ramirez] is just the sweetest man,” gushes the Love Era It girl, obviously enjoying the prospect of another 15 minutes of fame. ”I rang my daughter in London after we’d finished recording and said, ‘What other mum do you know who’s worked with one of the biggest rock bands in America?”’ Any plans to work together in the future? ”I hope we’ll do some other stuff,” she says. ”You just never know in this business, do you?”

X-press Yourself

David Was, coproducer of the upcoming X-Files movie soundtrack, says listeners can expect a few surprises when the hotly anticipated album hits the racks June 2. Was says he encouraged the participating artists to step out of character as much as possible when recording their contributions. Among the ”moody and foreboding” results: A reworking of the X-Files theme by the Dust Brothers; a blistering interpretation of Three Dog Night’s schlock classic ”One” by Filter; X and Ray Manzarek covering the Doors’ ”The Crystal Ship,” and new tracks from the Cure, Björk, the Cranberries, Sarah McLachlan, the Cardigans, Soul Coughing, and Sting (with Aswad). X-Files creator Chris Carter says he’s ”very excited” about the music he’s heard so far. But would Mulder and Scully like it? Says Carter: ”I think Mulder would like it particularly. I think Scully would listen to it at Mulder’s and smile her wonderfully tolerant smile. Her tastes are a little more cultivated than Mulder’s.”