Only the most committed fashionista could blithely shrug that — oh, well — at least her ovarian cancer ”accomplished something Weight Watchers never could.” Or is that the sound of a stiff upper lip flapping? A dowdy-at-heart Englishwoman and Friend of Di (as we are ceaselessly reminded), Tilberis all but backed into the high-profile editorship of American Harper’s Bazaar after slogging for years on the British fashion circuit. She dishes terrifically on the Great Dames of women’s mags: Helen Gurley Brown, Anna Wintour (Tilberis’ rival in and out of Vogue), even Martha Stewart (suspected of stealing Dior napkins). But at its heart No Time to Die is a confiding account of the disease that changed not only Tilberis’ dress size but her life. A-

No Time to Die (Book)
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