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Mail from our readers

Primary Concern

John Travolta is a fine actor, but he did not perfect ”a soft Dixie drawl” in Primary Colors, as claimed by Benjamin Svetkey (#424, March 27). Travolta’s affected accent may sound fine to moviegoers north of the Mason-Dixon line and west of the Mississippi, but to this Southerner it sounded artificial and contrived. Otherwise, the movie is a delight.
Steve Brandon
Clarksdale, Miss.

I must agree with reader S.R. Nelson, who wrote in to object to photos of Leonardo DiCaprio smoking. Imagine my horror when I received the March 27 issue only to find a picture of John Travolta…eating a doughnut! Have you people no sense of social responsibility? Hundreds of thousands die each year from heart disease. From now on, I only want to see pictures of people eating fruit or yogurt.
William Jones

The truth is…

I have been a loyal X-Files viewer, but the conspiracy has become so complex (”Xtrapolation,” News & Notes) that I can no longer keep up — and I have a postgraduate degree. But if Frank Spotnitz promises clarity in this summer’s movie, I suppose I can trust a little longer.
Catherine Conklin
Ogden, Utah

Thanks for letting me know that I’m not the only one confused about what is going on with The X-Files. (I laughed when I saw the cover line.) I’ve developed my own theory: The truth may be out there, but then again, they could just be pulling our legs.
Jessica Wedlock

Robert’s rules?

The story on Robert Downey Jr.’s incarceration was insightful (”Downey and Out in Beverly Hills”). I’m not impressed with the leniency shown him: I know mere mortals who, while jailed, were not even released to attend the funerals of family members. I’m a huge fan of Downey’s but I think he’s being coddled — and there’s nothing worse for an addict.
Jennifer Ingraham
Portland, Maine”]

I just read your story on Robert Downey Jr. In my opinion, he’s getting off too easy. Why should we feel sorry for him? The fact that he was released to work on movies or allowed to read scripts in jail, it’s as if he was never sent away in the first place. It seems that celebrities are held to a different set of laws.
Justin Hagan
Reading, Pa.

Trouble with hairy

Regarding Paula Cole’s letter to the editor: Never let anyone tell you good taste is a cowardly move. There is far too little of it these days. Where have all the cowboys gone? To get some Noxzema and a razor, Paula.
Rob Mattheu
Crestwood, Ky.

Armpit hair? I thought that was a gerbil under Paula Cole’s arm. EW did everybody a favor by airbrushing the original picture. The unaltered photo should have come with a warning label on the cover. I love your magazine, but it’s not good with breakfast anymore.
Jay H. Johnston
Yardville, N.J.

What’s up? Docs!

I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your ”Doc Holiday” article. I recently saw Five Wives, Three Secretaries and Me, a documentary that changed my view of the genre. I hope more of these films find their way to a theater near me!
Julie Hanssen
Austin, Tex.

CORRECTION: Jurassic Park‘s Dr. Alan Grant is a paleontologist, not an anthropologist (”The Hype That Fell to Earth”).