TV's funniest lines from April 4 to 10

Sound Bites: The weeks best TV quotes

”It’s pretty exciting about Titanic. I haven’t seen so many people this worked up about a sinking ship since the night I hosted the Academy Awards.”
—David Letterman on Late Show

”At this stage of the game, I’d accept help from that woman on Profiler.”
—Giardello (Yaphet Kotto), accepting help from an America’s Most Wanted-type TV show on a child-kidnapping case, on Homicide: Life on the Street

”Oh, that reminds me. I have to go see my OB/GYN today.”
—Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), watching a porn movie on Friends

”James Cameron is uncertain about his next project, but he’s promised it will be a love story, set either in Jamestown or on TWA Flight 800.”
—Craig Kilborn on The Daily Show