The studio’s touting Ride as ”the hilarious new comedy from the producers of House Party,” but this mess — about a community activist (New York Undercover‘s too-cool Malik Yoba) and a New York University film-school grad (Melissa De Sousa) who chaperon a busload of horny homeboys and girls from Harlem to Miami for a music-video shoot — can’t decide if it’s a Get on the Bus-style drama or a Booty Call-esque sex farce. Every time director Millicent Shelton’s script broaches a serious issue (racial identity, abortion), it’s immediately undercut by toilet humor. And whenever the road-trip story line starts to build momentum, it comes to a screeching halt thanks to pointless appearances by rappers Snoop Doggy Dogg and Luther (2 Live Crew) Campbell and ex-MTV VJs Downtown Julie Brown and Idalis de Leon. D+

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