Oscar's incomplete family album -- Only 70 of the 134 living past Academy Award winners made it to the show. See what happened to the rest.

Where have you gone, Dorothy Malone? Sure, the Academy made a big deal out of ”Oscar’s Family Album,” the showstopping gathering of all the actors who had won Academy Awards. But a little research shows that only 70 statuette recipients made it onto the stage, even though there are 134 living Oscar winners. So what happened to the other 64?

As expected, the vast majority of absentees cited work conflicts for missing out on the festivities. Clearly, no one expected such stars as Frank Sinatra and Katharine Hepburn, with their well-publicized health problems, to show up. And was anyone holding his breath for Marlon Brando or George C. Scott?

Then there was Malone, the Best Supporting Actress for 1956’s Written on the Wind, who never received an invitation. ”Maybe it went to the wrong address,” explains producer Gil Cates. ”I would have loved to have had Dorothy there.” As for Malone, ”she was,” says her spokesman, ”a little p—ed.”

Here’s a complete list of other winners who didn’t make the big show — and some reasons why. (All quotes are from their respective spokespeople.)

(Additional reporting by Dave Karger)

F. Murray Abraham
In Rome, working on the HBO movie Excellent Cadavers

Julie Andrews
In Toronto, preparing for the TV movie The Winter Visitor

Juliette Binoche
Sprained her foot in London two days before the Oscars

Nicolas Cage
On the set in L.A., filming the upcoming thriller 8 Millimeter, directed by Joel Schumacher

Art Carney
At home in Connecticut (”He didn’t feel like traveling”)

Daniel Day-Lewis

Olivia de Havilland

Olympia Dukakis

Patty Duke
”She lives in another state and doesn’t usually come to L.A.”

Deanna Durbin

Sally Field
In Aspen, on vacation with her children

Jane Fonda
At her house in Argentina with husband Ted Turner

Joan Fontaine

Jodie Foster
”Out of town on personal business”

John Gielgud
At home in the English countryside (”He doesn’t travel”)

Alec Guinness

Gene Hackman
In the South Pacific with his wife, an underwater photographer: ”They committed to an expedition before he received the invitation.”

Tom Hanks
In New York, shooting the romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail

Goldie Hahn
Shooting a remake of the 1970 comedy The Out-of-Towners, with Steve Martin, in New York

Eileen Heckart
On a cruise in Asia, and not due back until mid-April

Wendy Hiller

Anthony Hopkins
At home in L.A., recovering from foot surgery (he was injured while shooting the drama Instinct in Florida)

Linda Hunt

Kim Hunter

William Hurt

Glenda Jackson
”She is a full-time politician [as a member of the British parliament] and she can’t just get on a plane and fly out to Hollywood.”

Tommy Lee Jones
Had a ”long-term family commitment” that couldn’t be changed