Celebrity news for the week of April 10, 1998


Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless, 30, married her show’s executive producer, Robert Tapert, 43, March 28, in Santa Monica. This is her second marriage, his first.

Romance novelist Danielle Steel, 49, to venture capitalist Tom Perkins, 65, March 27, in San Francisco. The couple then celebrated with three separate receptions: two on the West Coast following the ceremony, and a third, four days later in New York City. This is her fifth marriage, his second.


Our hands are on our cheeks and our mouths are agape. Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin, 17, and actress Rachel Miner, 17, announced their engagement, March 27, in New York City. ”We’re so happy and proud that we found each other at such a young age,” said the couple in a statement. A date has not yet been set.


Species II star Natasha Henstridge, 23, is expecting her first child, in October. The father is her boyfriend, Canadian actor Liam Waite, 23.


Titanic heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, 23, filed suit against Playgirl, March 26, in L.A., to stop the skin magazine from publishing unauthorized nude photos of him in its July issue. The magazine was embroiled in a similar controversy last year when it ran unauthorized nude pictures of Brad Pitt (he sued and won). A spokeswoman for Playgirl declines to comment on whether the photos actually exist.

On March 23, Random House filed suit in New York City against Ann Druyan, the widow of astronomer Carl Sagan, for failing to deliver a contracted book, described only as ”Work #3” in court papers. The publisher wants Druyan, who was to coauthor the book with Sagan, to return a $1.12 million advance — plus more than $800,000 in interest — as well as a $100,000 advance for undelivered CD-ROM scripts. According to the suit, Druyan admits those scripts were never delivered. Her agent has no comment.


Actor Daniel Massey, 64, of heart failure after a long illness, March 25, in London. A member of the renowned acting family that included his father, Raymond, and sister, Anna, Daniel was primarily known for his starring roles on Broadway (She Loves Me, Taking Sides). Playing opposite Julie Andrews, he received an Oscar nomination for his supporting turn in 1968’s Star!.