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Mail from our readers

Gold Rush Fever

I congratulate you on this year’s Oscar Odds issue (#423, March 20), for you guys have helped a high school student like me win $20 in our own little Oscar pool. Trusting your instincts, I got 17 of the 24 categories on target. When my friend found out that I ”copied” your predictions, he wanted me to send half of my winnings to you. Fortunately, with the help of my fine persuasive skills, he changed his mind. Hey, I was wise enough to trust you — I guess he should have done the same.
Jose Vargas
Mountain View, Calif.

A ‘Star’ Is Born

I’m one of the team that runs, the website that is hosting the video Troops (”Troop Dreams,” News & Notes). The video has been so popular we’ve gone from 3,000 hits a day to 28,000 (and steadily increasing). It just goes to show two things: what an amazing tool the Internet can be for people trying to break into film and the immense popularity of Star Wars.
Scott Chitwood

Oil’s Well

I enthusiastically plunged into your article (”Grease Lightning Strikes Twice”) about the rerelease of Grease. Seeing it on the big screen, in its full glory, will be a real treat.
Paula Beebe
Waseca, Minn.

Twisted Words

I offer my condolences to Owen Gleiberman, whose review of The Man in the Iron Mask has been misrepresented by MGM/UA’s recent TV marketing campaign. Although I have not always agreed with Mr. Gleiberman’s assessments of films, I respect the integrity of his critiques. I am disturbed that United Artists has taken the phrase ”delivers just what you want” (from his ”Brothers in Arms” review) out of context; Mr. Gleiberman obviously has not offered such a glowing review of the film.
Thomas Alan Holmes
Johnson City, Tenn.

EDITOR’S NOTE: After a complaint from EW, MGM pulled the Owen Gleiberman quote.

This Van’s A-Rocking…

Your review of Van Halen (”Halen Hearty,” Music) and their new CD, Van Halen III, was terrific. It’s great to see that one of rock’s greatest bands is still going strong with 12 albums (and their third singer) — and not showing their age at all.
Matt Knight
Bonner Springs, Kan.

…Don’t Come A-Knocking

Tom Sinclair’s review of Van Halen III stated: ”Once a decade, have a terminal falling out with your frontman, who, amid much bitterness and recrimination, storms off to pursue a doomed solo career.” Surely, Mr. Sinclair cannot be referring to Sammy Hagar. Sammy Hagar was a successful solo artist for 10 years before he joined Van Halen, and he has continued to be successful after them. He recorded the Marching to Mars album, released in May 1997, and he recently completed an extremely successful North American tour in which he played to sold-out crowds all across the country. Do us a favor, Mr. Sinclair: Get your facts straight before making judgments about someone’s career.
Alex Kleinwachter
Warrenville, Ill.

CORRECTION: Due to erroneous information received from The WB, we altered actor Stephen Collins’ recently published letter (Mail, #424) to say that 7th Heaven is the network’s third-highest-rated show of the season. In fact, it is the network’s second-highest-rated show, as he originally stated. We apologize to Mr. Collins.