Golf attire?s newest model: Clint Eastwood -- Dirty Harry makes his fashion debut as the face of Tehama

Clint Eastwood, fashion maven? The actor-director ex-politico has added another role to his repertoire: the face of Tehama, a new line of golf clothes. ”Clint was always coming over and borrowing my husband’s shirts,” says Nancy Haley, designer and CEO of the line Dirty Harry models with actress daughter Alison (above) and wife Dina Ruiz. Eastwood, who reportedly has a 12 handicap and is a company partner, remains choosy about what he’ll wear. ”He’s conservative, so anything with bold colors or prints he’s not crazy about,” says Haley, who believes you don’t need to shoot scratch golf to suit up. ”It’s all about classy retro styles with great fabrics.” And Clint’s not alone in going for the fashion green. In addition to the tee-wear being done by GIorgio Armani and Hugo Boss, J. Crew’s Spring 1998 catalog features golf pants and shirts aimed at releasing your inner Tiger.