To say that Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life refashions the grossest projectile-vomiting scene in film into a twisted test of skill is to cheerfully concur with the warning label: ”This game insults absolutely everyone in absolutely every way. It is guaranteed to offend.” Almost every naughty bit from the Pythons’ gleefully vulgar 1983 movie of the same name is imaginatively regurgitated in this comic two-disc strategy game, amplified by hours of narrated material from the five extant Pythons. Collecting absurd objects (Spam, a French tickler) and wielding them with Pythonic logic, you progress through fully panoramic environments. A Doom spoof calls for shooting not bloodthirsty monsters but such peaceable types as nuns and Hare Krishnas. Through its faux-philosophical finale, this most demented of Python discs subverts multimedia conventions and good taste with equally silly vigor. A-