By Owen Gleiberman
Updated April 03, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

The dumbing down of Bill and Ted is a frightening concept, but here they are — bland, blond Stew and Phil Deedle (Steve Van Wormer and Paul Walker), rich-kid surfer-dude twins from Hawaii who are sent off to detention camp and wind up impersonating rookie park rangers at Yellowstone. Has a movie ever been in more desperate need of the brilliant comedy stylings of Pauly Shore? The Deedles wander around dropping geek witticisms like ”That’s so diculous, it’s ree-diculous!” and as adolescent rebels they have all the charming moxie of rejected contestants on MTV’s Singled Out. As if to compensate for the utter blankness of its heroes, the movie piles on such fun diversions as earthworm eating, a dancing grizzly bear, and Dennis Hopper, slumming at low ebb, as an ex-ranger who unleashes a plot to overrun Yellowstone with prairie dogs. F