A Tickle in the Heart

A TICKLE IN THE HEART (1997, Kino, unrated, $59.95) On the one hand, it’s a heartwarming comeback story: Thanks to a revival in interest in klezmer music — think ”Jewish soul tunes” — senior citizens Max, Julie, and Willie Epstein have a new lease on life. The charming brothers, once kings of the klezmer world, are in demand all over again. (German audiences are positively gaga for klezmer; insert your own ironic thought here.) On the other hand, this German-made black-and-white docu, directed by Stefan Schwietert, sees the brothers as just a tad too exotic, making specimens of men who were living quite vigorously, thanks, even before foreign cameras came along to marvel at the Epsteins’ Florida retirement homes. B — Lisa Schwarzbaum

A Tickle in the Heart
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