One Night Stand

ONE NIGHT STAND Wesley Snipes, Nastassja Kinski, Ming-Na Wen, Robert Downey Jr., Kyle MacLachlan (1997, New Line, R, $103.99) Snipes cheats on Wen with Kinski, whose husband MacLachlan is the brother of Snipes’ best friend, Downey, who’s dying of AIDS. Heard enough? Though he isn’t credited, Joe Eszterhas (Sliver, Jade, Showgirls — name your poison) drafted this contrived examination of the consequences of infidelity. Director Mike Figgis rewrote the script, but his attempts to lend it emotional weight are largely unsuccessful, despite strong performances. Such Figgis trademarks as mid-scene ellipses and the discordant juxtaposition of sound and image, which so effectively conveyed Ben’s blotto state in Leaving Las Vegas, seem desperate here. Stop the tape a few minutes early to avoid the dopiest ”twist” ending in recent memory. C

One Night Stand
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