Also Roma Downey files for divorce, and other celebs making the news the week of March 27, 1998

SPLITS Touched by an Angel star Roma Downey, 34, filed for divorce from her husband, director David Anspaugh, 51, in Salt Lake City. Court papers are sealed, but a spokesman for Anspaugh says the director learned of the proceedings in February while being treated for recently diagnosed manic depression. ”He felt that once he [received] treatment, he was going to be able to continue with the marriage,” says the spokesman, who adds that Anspaugh is recovering. Downey’s spokesperson declines to comment. The couple have one daughter, Reilly Marie, 2.

RELEASED Actor Christian Slater, 28, from city jail in La Verne, Calif., March 14, after serving 60 days of a 90-day sentence. Incarcerated Jan. 14 for charges stemming from a drug-induced rampage last August, Slater was released early for good behavior. ”He was a model inmate,” says a prison spokesman. ”He mopped floors, washed cars, washed dishes. He was great.”

EXHUMED French film star Yves Montand, from his grave at Pere Lachaise cemetery, March 11, in Paris. The body, disinterred by court order, was taken to a lab for DNA tests to settle a nine-year-old paternity suit filed by actress Anne-Gilberte Drossard, who claims Montand is the father of her daughter Aurore, 22. The actor, who denied the charge, died in 1991 at age 70. While a court ruled in Aurore’s favor in 1994, granting her a share of the actor’s reported $3.7 million estate, Montand’s family appealed, and the court ordered the exhumation. ”It’s a horror,” says the lawyer for Montand’s companion Carole Amiel, 38, who adds the family opposed disturbing the grave. ”He doesn’t deserve this,” agrees Drossard. Results of the tests are due by June 30.

DEATHS Pediatrician and child-care guru Dr. Benjamin Spock, 94, of respiratory failure, March 15, in La Jolla, Calif. Author (or coauthor) of 13 parenting guides, in 1946 he published Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, which became the authority for a generation of parents. Though its laissez-faire advice was blamed for producing the rebellious youth of the ’60s, the best-seller has sold almost 50 million copies worldwide. The updated seventh edition is due May 2…. Ceramic artist Beatrice Wood, 105, of natural causes, March 12, in Ojai, Calif. The centenarian potter was James Cameron’s inspiration for Rose, played by Oscar nominee Gloria Stuart, in Titanic.