EW's place in pop culture is assured -- MAD magazine has spoofed us

What, us worry? not anymore. We don’t want to toot our own horn too loudly, but ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY has just reached a very significant milestone: We’re being mercilessly mocked in MAD magazine.

Hitting newsstands on March 24 is the pubescent humor rag’s tart 16-page spoof of our fair pages, MAD‘s first color insert ever in a regular issue. It’s called Entertain Me Weakly, it features a bare-fannied Jim Carrey on the cover, and its theme is the ”Special All Butt-Kissing Issue.”

And we couldn’t be prouder. As we join Spielberg, Sinatra, Seinfeld, and the rest of MAD‘s pantheon of venerable victims, it’s clear EW (a distant cousin of MAD within Time Warner) has climbed into the pop-culture zeitgeist we write about (and sometimes lampoon in our own way) each week.

”EW is a natural to spoof,” says MAD coeditor John Ficarra. ”After all, it’s the pop-culture bible and the premier entertainment magazine. And we’re not just saying that because you agreed not to sue us.” Hmmm…I don’t remember any such agreement. But we’ll let the usual gang of idiots slide this time, especially since they worked so darn hard on the satire. ”To research this, we read the last 50 issues of EW, or we read the same issue 50 times. We’re not sure which,” says coeditor Nick Meglin.

Our own usual gang — many of whom grew up reading MAD when they should have been doing their trigonometry homework — have been thumbing the parody with the intensity of, well, Alfred E. Neuman. They’ve been chuckling over the absurdist version of Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet (”Jay Leno. The Tonight Show host rides motorcycles. Hey Jay, you have a big chin”). Or the faux reviews of James Cameron’s Hindenburg and Fox’s Ally McWhine. But most of all, our staffers have been scanning for MAD‘s trademark atrocious puns on their names. Says writer Chris Nashawaty: ”To be called Chris Wishywashy in MAD was the highlight of my journalistic career.”

In short, we’re not mad, we’re glad. Now, if we could only figure out how we could parody a parodic magazine….