Celebrity Oscar picks

FRAN DRESCHERTitanic. I know it’s not so fashionable to like the movie that’s a blockbuster, but I think it deserves to be a success.”

RAY ROMANO ”The only thing I’ve seen is Titanic, and I loved it. So let’s go with that.”

QUEEN LATIFAH ”I think Titanic should get Best Picture. They pulled it off in grand style.”

CHOW YUN-FATTitanic. I loved it. Awesome.”

RUPERT EVERETTTitanic, without a doubt. But I couldn’t see it again because I was too irritated by her throwing that blue diamond into the sea.”

ELTON JOHN ”I think Titanic is going to win. But if I were to pick a film, it would be between Good Will Hunting and L.A. Confidential.”

GWEN STEFANI (No Doubt) ”As Good as It Gets was just amazing.”

JON STEWARTAs Good as It Gets. I liked the movie, I liked Nicholson.”

JENNA ELFMAN ”I so wanted Leonardo DiCaprio. But I have a little thing for Jack Nicholson, too.”

ERIC IDLE ”Jack Nicholson. Then he could sing my song ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ on stage. When Jack sings your song, you know you’ve finally made it.”

GREG KINNEAR (supporting actor nominee for As Good as It Gets) ”I’m not good at predicting, but I loved Good Will Hunting.”

NEVE CAMPBELL ”I loved Good Will Hunting, so I’m really rooting for that. It’s very inspiring for me to see two young actors become very successful very quickly.”

JACK LEMMON ”Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for screenwriting. These are two kids who went out and wrote it and hoped to hell someone would buy it. The fact that I’m a Harvard man has nothing to do with it.”

TYRA BANKS ”I think Matt Damon is fine, so I hope he wins.”

ROBERT FORSTER (supporting actor nominee for Jackie Brown ”There are an awful lot of good performances, but you know, that Matt Damon — this is a guy who wrote his own picture!”

SINBAD ”I dug Good Will Hunting. I’m also for Spike Lee’s [documentary] 4 Little Girls.”

VONDIE CURTIS HALL (Chicago Hope) ”This year, I’m rooting for Spike.”

JOHN SINGLETON ”Spike Lee. It would be ironic considering what he’s said about the Academy and African Americans.”

KATHY NAJIMY ”Joan Cusack. She took a sh — part and blew it up with life.”

DWIGHT YOAKAM ”Peter Fonda, because he’s such a great friend of mine.”

JENNIFER TILLY ”Judi Dench. I like seeing the older actresses win because they’ve really mastered their craft. I don’t like it when they give it to some 11-year-old.”

DUNSTAN BRUCE (Chumbawamba vocalist) ”The Full Monty. It took place in the north of Britain where Chumbawamba is from.”

JAMES WOODS ”I’d like to see [director] James L. Brooks win, but he’s not nominated, and that’s the biggest shock in Oscar history.”

JODIE FOSTER ”I’m rooting for In the Company of Men for Best Picture. I think I’ve lost, though.”

RUFUS SEWELL ”Marlon Brando for A Streetcar Named Desire. He was robbed.”