Chairman of the Board

CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD (Trimark, PG-13) While psychologists analyze why so many young male comics today adopt the personas of grown men as noisily immature adolescents, accountants understand perfectly why studios today build movies around them: For every RocketMan-like flop, there may be a Happy Gilmore-like hit. This ain’t one of them. Many weirdly interesting supporting actors and some elaborate production design go to waste in this charmless comedy starring the hyperactive, prop-oriented stand-up called Carrot Top as a jobless surfer/inventor who accidentally winds up, Big-style, as the top exec in a giant corporation. Larry Miller, Ally McBeal’s Courtney Thorne-Smith, Raquel Welch, M. Emmet Walsh, and Jack Warden make appearances. And all of them act, gamely, as if they haven’t an inkling that for all its freneticism, Mr. Top’s first starring vehicle (directed and cowritten by feature novice Alex Zamm) is so lifeless. (Friendly advice: If you love carrot-topped Estelle Harris on Seinfeld, don’t gaze on her here, spewing gross invective through a throat microphone.) D-

Chairman of the Board
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