Nicole Kidman, George Clooney, ...

Credit DreamWorks for cannily diminishing expectations with a first studio release that?s an unpretentious thriller?but on video Peacemaker gets diminished into formulaic claptrap. About all the film has going for it is its stars: Kidman and Clooney are charismatic cardboard cutouts as, respectively, a White House nuclear-terrorism expert and a rule-breaking Army colonel out to stop a Bosnian freedom fighter (Marcel Iures) who has a stray nuke and a plane ticket for New York. Whenever the film starts behaving like a reasonably diverting action flick, it turns deeply silly, as when Kidman?s character sends huge, top secret Russian Mafia computer files to her AOL account in seconds. I guess only the interns get secured government E-mail addresses.

The Peacemaker
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