Readers respond to the Spring Movie Preview; Toni Braxton's woes

Call of the ‘Wild’

This Spring Movie Preview (#419/420, Feb. 20/27) was the greatest! I loved your Wild Things cover showing the hottest young actors of our generation. I always look forward to reading the movie previews to see what’s new in the wonderful world of entertainment, and you guys gave the best coverage ever.
Justin Seaton
Beavercreek, Ohio

I’m sure that I won’t be the first, or the last, to say, great job on your Spring Movie Preview. But there is one thing that has been troubling me: Is the whole purpose of the movie Nightwatch to see just how many ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY movie-preview issues it can get into? And, oh yeah, nice cover.
Sean Becklund
Columbus, Ga.

We’re equally troubled by Nightwatch‘s four movie-preview appearances, dating back to August 1996. Dimension Films insists it will release the Ewan McGregor movie before our Summer Movie Preview hits the stands on May 11. But given this movie’s checkered history, we’re gonna keep a space open, just in case.

I saw the trailer to Wild Things and thought it looked hot. So it was like a dream come true when the movie’s cast appeared on your cover. Keep those Neve Campbell covers coming!
Hashim Bannaga
Montgomery, Ala.

From Riches to Rags

Having been a fan of Toni Braxton from the beginning of her career, I was shocked to read that the singer had declared bankruptcy. However, after reading the article concerning the circumstances of her financial troubles (”A Star Is Broke”), I was angered. Ms. Braxton is not only a beautiful and talented artist but also a positive role model who I’m sure will come out of this ordeal even stronger than she now appears to be. I look forward to hearing her new material as soon as she finds a record label that will do for her what she will do for them. In the words of Rosie O’Donnell, ”Rock on sister-friend!”
Susan Banaszak

I will have to check with my wife first, but Toni Braxton can stay at my…uh, our place anytime.
John Popowitz
Middletown, N.Y.

Walter Committee

I thoroughly enjoyed Bruce Fretts’ story on ”TV’s secret sex symbols.” As a Mitch Pileggi fan, I can attest, however, that a lot of his fans are not ”quietly” ardent. Countless people watch The X-Files hoping to catch a glimpse of Walter ”I’m Too Sexy for My Jacket” Skinner.
Rebecca Leverett
Yellow Springs, Ohio

Beach Bawl

Thanks for acknowledging the passing of the great Carl Wilson. His importance to the Beach Boys — and popular music — has been significant. But because he was quiet, unassuming, and yes, even kind and generous, it seems that his story is of less interest to the public.
Bob Loughbom Jr.
Overland Park, Kan.

CORRECTION: The ice blue velvet costume worn by Michelle Kwan when she won the U.S. Nationals figure skating competition was designed by Marc Bouwer (Style, #418).