Think DVD Bonus Tracks sound enticing?

Digital video discs sure hold a lot of junk, we mean, information — 26 CD-ROMs’ worth — and when it comes to filling them up, movie studios don’t seem the least bit squeamish. To mark DVD’s first birthday, here are a few regurgitated facts we really didn’t need to know.

RE-ANIMATOR ”In films, the [dead] bodies are grayish white,” says director Stuart Gordon, who recounts doing research in a morgue. ”But the bodies I saw…were every color of the rainbow…. Depending on how the person has died, they can be anywhere from a bright yellow, if it’s from jaundice, to a dark purple or blue if [it’s from a] pulmonary disorder.”

RESERVOIR DOGS ”…the warehouse where the criminals meet” was a former mortuary, the production notes say. ”If you look closely throughout Reservoir Dogs, you will notice Mr. Blonde sitting on a covered hearse and covered vertical coffins in the background.”

APOLLO 13 ”Fred Haise claims that he didn’t throw up” during the mission, notes stickler for detail Ron Howard, ”but the medical records show that he did.”

Apollo 13
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