Clips from the latest online celebrity interviews

”Somebody told me, ‘Hey, you’ve got to meet this guy Paul Anderson. He’s got this movie, and he wrote this part with you in mind.’ I’m just like, ‘Oh, great. This movie’s about pornography, and he wrote it for me.’ I really do read everything I get…because you don’t know. I read Paul’s [Boogie Nights script], and I thought, This is fantastic! It was just really beautifully written. Very precise, rigorous language. Once I read it, I had no reservations.” — Oscar nominee and The Big Lebowski star Julianne Moore on RoughCut Online

”I learned a big lesson when I did a play in L.A. last winter called D Girl. I played this cokehead screenwriter who was really abusive. Afterward, I had people in the industry who had never seen me do anything but Friends come up and say, ‘I didn’t know you could act.’ I tried not to be insulted, but what I realized was, ‘Oh, my God, people really think I’m Ross!’ That hit me so hard I decided to seek roles as far away from him as possible.” — Kissing A Fool‘s David Schwimmer on E! Online

”I was born over [in Germany]…moved to L.A. in 1991. This is a great country, with plenty of opportunity. In Germany I realized that I would like to be in the movies. At 6’6” they always cast you as the bad guy, and I’m not a bad guy. I don’t want to be typecast!” — Conan‘s Ralf Moeller on America Online

”There are two things that make me sweat — government and [doing] this [interview]!” — Twilight‘s Paul Newman on RoughCut Online