Meet the cast of Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman's Significant Others

Significant Others

After breaking in rookies like Neve Campbell and Scott Wolf, exec producers Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman are once again betting that relative unknowns can carry their new drama. Here’s a primer on the party of five rising stars in Significant Others.

Eion Bailey plays unemployed but optimistic Campbell
Age: 21
Previous Credits: Dawson’s Creek
On Campbell: “The women like him, but he’s no pimp daddy.”
PO5 Character He Relates to: “Thurber the dog. He just kind of walks through the set, neglected, and doesn’t really do much.”
Random Fact: “When I was a kid growing up in Malibu, every single person I met thought I was the ‘Mikey likes it’ kid.”

Michael Weatherly plays Campbell’s grating brother, Ben
Age: 29
Previous credits: Deadline, Meet Wally Sparks
On Ben: “He leases the BMW and wears the Rolex he can’t afford. He just figures, ‘Let’s not get too deep, kids, stay in the shallowend.'”
PO5 Character He Relates To: “The guy with the beard who runs the house, Charlie. I have responsibilities in my life that mirror his. But I don’t have cancer yet.” Random Fact: “I have abnormally small, evolutionarily advanced pinky toes. It’s almost like I only have eight toes.”

Scott Bairstow plays porn-writing Yale grad Henry
Age: 27
Previous Credits: Wild America, White Fang 2
On Henry: “He lies to himself in order to feel good about what he’s doing. Henry needs people around him. He needs love.”
P05 Character He Related To: “Owen. It’s that whole child thing.” Random Fact: “I’ve got a thing for Dixieland jazz and Al Jolson.”

Elizabeth Mitchell plays Ben’s insecure wife, Jane
Age: 27
Previous Credits: Loving, Gia
On Jane: “She’s one of these really together women that you wonder if they could possibly be that together, and then you get a glimpse inside their lives and realize they’re just completely gone.”
P05 Character She Relates To: “Claudia. Her reactions to Charlie being sick? Love that! I’m a basket case too.”
Random Fact: “I have insane insomnia—I read four books a week ’cause I can’t sleep.”

Jennifer Garner plays commitment-phobic Nell
Age: 25
Previous Credits: Deconstructing Harry, Mr. Magoo
On Nell: “She’s your basic 25-year-old going in every direction in life. She’s a flake, but with such good intentions.”
P05 Character She Relates To: “Charlie and his struggle with responsibility. I respect that.” Random Fact: “I think the answer to all of life’s problems is a cup of Earl Grey tea with a spot of milk.”

Significant Others
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