Readers Respond to Titanic, Howard Stern, and more

The Unsinkable
I almost shrieked when I saw the cover of your Feb. 6 issue (#417). Leonardo DiCaprio is awesome, and I’m not just talking about his looks. Even though he didn’t win a Golden Globe and wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, I think his performance in Titanic was outstanding. Erika Horton Atlanta

Thank you, Ben Svetkey, for your article on Titanic. I especially liked your final statement: ”The very least [Hollywood must] do is make a movie people can love.” Hollywood, please take the hint: Don’t underestimate your audience. We’re not impressed by the blow-up-in-your-face effects, pointless story lines, and flaky characters. We can handle complex story lines and deep, interesting characters. In fact, we love them! Titanic is so successful because it had a well-written, well-paced plot with moving characters. The movie just happened to have cost $200 million. Eun Young Park Ann Arbor, Mich.

Although I agree with your ”In the Wake of Titanic” article, one detail strikes me as wrong: the heading ”Greed Is Good.” James Cameron initially forfeited tens of millions of dollars just to get this movie made. Although Hollywood is greedy—I agree with you on that—the Titanic production is almost a polar opposite. Everyone, especially Cameron, put themselves at great risk, both physically and financially, to make this wonderfully epic film. ”Greed” is not the word. Pete Spalding Jacksonville, Ill.

I thought the article on lessons learned from the success of Titanic was interesting and thought-provoking. But I believe the most important lesson for Hollywood is that an enormous budget should result in a film worth the expense. By this I mean a top-rate script and good actors, as well as special effects and spectacle. Steve Givnes Seaford, Del.

Role Models
Suggesting that Howard Stern play Paula Jones in your Interngate: The Movie was perhaps the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen in EW. Darby Grace Columbia, Mo.

While Howard Stern may make the perfect Paula Jones in Interngate: The Movie, Sally Jessy Raphaël as Lucianne Goldberg? No way! You guys missed the obvious choice: Angela Lansbury. Marc Vanasse New Milford, Conn.

Plastic Spice
The photos of EW’s reenactment of the Spice World movie premiere with dolls were a scream! It’s creative little bits like this that make me glad I have a subscription. Alison Dasso Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Xerox and Roll
I find it interesting that when Pearl Jam release a song bearing a minute resemblance to Led Zeppelin’s ”Going to California,” you charge them with ”unconscious plagiarism” (Music), while in the meantime, Sean ”Puffy” Combs has sampled other artists’ work to create his own and is regarded as some sort of musical genius. Jeff Rubelmann Springfield, Mo.

Correction: Fear Nothing is Dean Koontz’s 35th novel (Books).

Spice World
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