Quotes from the week of March 6, 1998

”I want to be remembered as I always envisioned myself to be…taller, smaller nose, handsome, better teeth! Teeth like Matt Damon, really!” Wag the Dog‘s Dustin Hoffman on America Online

”I’ve never worn a pair of heels in my life, and wearing those [period] costumes set you up straight, which is great because you want to feel as much a part of that world as you can. I’m not someone who relishes my sexuality, because I don’t feel I have much, so to be someone who’s quite different from me — it was really the heels.”Dangerous Beauty‘s Catherine McCormack on RoughCut Online

”I’m sick of Monica Lewinsky and El Niño.” Tracey Takes On…‘s Tracey Ullman on AOL

”My mother language doesn’t have certain sounds. The first two weeks [of filming], I nearly passed out. [I learned English] word by word. It was really hard.”The Replacement Killers‘ Mandarin-speaking Chow Yun-Fat on E! Online

”I wrote [the song ”Bitch”] two years ago, and I had been doing a lot of self work — not only about myself, but about women and how we don’t honor ourselves. And from that place, I wrote the song…. I wasn’t in a bad mood! People think I was in a bad mood. [If] I had woken up in a crummy mood…it had passed long [before I wrote] that song!” — Singer-songwriter Meredith Brooks on Real Hollywood Online

”[Kathy Kinney, a.k.a. Mimi] is kind of like Norman Fell with a limp. Actually, she’s very quiet, keeps to herself. All the makings of a great serial killer.” The Drew Carey Show‘s Ryan Stiles on AOL