Coming sooner or later: the best of post-Oscar video releases

Oscar night signals the end of a long wait. For the lucky few it will mean statuettes. For the rest of us it ushers in the video release of some of 1997’s best films. On March 24 — the day after the ceremony and nine months after its big-screen debut — Ulee’s Gold, featuring Peter Fonda’s nominated turn, finally comes to stores (and last year’s big winner, The English Patient, goes on sale). Two weeks later, Boogie Nights arrives. April 14 brings L.A. Confidential. Then on April 21, Mrs. Brown, starring nominee Judi Dench, appears.

Plans for more recent movies are tentative. Wag the Dog, The Sweet Hereafter, and As Good as It Gets are expected in early summer. Miramax is mum about Good Will Hunting. As for Titanic, a holiday release seems logical, but Paramount is tight-lipped lest early word rock its golden boat.

Good Will Hunting
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