Nit-picking The Wedding Singer

Titanic, schmitanic. Nit-picking moviegoers searching for a box office hit rife with historical inaccuracies need look no further than The Wedding Singer, Adam Sandler’s affectionate, big-haired paean to the Trump Decade. And since Singer is set in 1985, you don’t even need your American History 101 textbook to pick out the anachronisms — just some quality couch time with VH-1.

A Lost-In-Time DeLorean

— DETAIL: Drew Barrymore’s trend-sucking yuppie boyfriend Glenn proudly tools around in his cool DeLorean. — FACT: The stainless-steel sports car was produced only for two short years, 1981 and ’82, and was universally considered a bomb way before 1985.

Michael Jackson Fashion

— DETAIL: Sandler’s friend Sammy, a Jackson devotee, shows up at a party wearing a red ”Beat It” jacket and a single white glove. — FACT: The look might have been hip in 1982, when Thriller was released, but it was considered dorky and dated by ’85. (The style was already a visual gag in 1984’s Beverly Hills Cop.)

Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson

— DETAIL: The owner of a wedding-photo company waxes romantic about married couples destined to stay together forever — including, she coos, ”Burt and Loni.” — FACT: In actuality, Burt and Loni didn’t get hitched until 1988 (though they started dating in the early ’80s).

The Keyboard Chameleon

— DETAIL: Sandler’s Boy George-look-alike keyboardist knows only one song: ”Do You Really Want to Hurt Me.” Wedding guests are shocked by the androgynous look. — FACT: Culture Club’s breakthrough hit was released in 1982. By 1985, the group was slipping off the charts, and lead singer George had become a pop-culture punchline.

Like a Virgin… Was

— DETAIL: Drew Barrymore’s friend Holly is a Madonna wannabe: wild curly hair, rubber bracelets, black lace, etc. — FACT: Holly’s ”Holiday” look was Ciccone circa 1983. By 1985, Madonna was opting for a more glamorous, ”Material Girl” style, with blonder hair reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s. Diamonds became the girl’s best friend.

The Wedding Singer
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