The Myth of Fingerprints

Imagine Harold Pinter on Prozac writing a Fox special — Melrose Place: A New England Thanksgiving — and you get a feel for the WASP angst and libido on parade in the pretentious The Myth of Fingerprints, a movie about a J. Crew family whose Gen-X kids trek home for a holiday with long-suffering Mom (Danner) and screwed-up Dad (Scheider). The 10-character plotline offers little more than snapshots of the scars on this self-conscious brood: Mia (Moore) seethes with unexplained hostility, Jake can’t commit to his loving girlfriend (Davis), while Warren (Wyle) discovers that Dad made a pass at his ex. The first-rate cast is wasted serving up this melodramatic turkey. For genuine WASP angst, rent Interiors. C

The Myth of Fingerprints
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