Jackson Channels The Simpson's Sideshow Bob

It’s the most pressing mystery in pop music today: What’s up with Janet Jackson‘s bizarre, orange, sprouting-in-all-directions hairdo? After extensive research, we think that we’ve figured it out: The Velvet Rope diva was inspired by Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. Indeed, the carrot-topped psycho (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) seems to be Janet’s eerie doppelganger in more ways than one:


Dislikes nasty boys
Starred in Poetic Justice
Estranged brother Michael has had thorny legal problems with kids
Does charity work (she donates song proceeds to battle AIDS)
Is famous for appearing topless (on cover of Rolling Stone)
Collaborated with overweight clown Heavy D
Survived ill-fated marriage to singer James DeBarge

Sideshow Bob

Dislikes nasty boys (especially Bart)
Also linked to a massive bomb (he tried to blow up Springfield)
Estranged brother Cecil has had thorny legal problems with kids (he was arrested for trying to kill Bart and Lisa)
Does charity work (he cohosted a telethon for motion sickness)
Is famous for appearing topless (wore nothing but a grass skirt on Krusty’s show)
Collaborated with overweight clown Krusty
Survived ill-fated marriage to sister of Marge

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