By Margot Mifflin
Updated March 06, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

Pop anthropologist Desmond Morris (The Naked Ape) returns with this ludicrous attempt at a global history of gender politics, written to accompany his new TV series of the same name. Flagrantly unscientific, The Human Sexes: A Natural History of Man and Woman roams from the Pygmies of West Africa (from whom Morris deduces that all ancient tribes were egalitarian) and ’60s feminists (those bra-burning babes who, Morris wrongly states, emphasized sexual over political issues). He is a fount of sweeping generalizations, unattributed statistics, and head-smackingly obvious remarks (in ”young females…[t]heir breasts lack any kind of sag”). This is pseudo-sexology at its hilarious worst. D