Bobcat Goldthwait, who began his onscreen career as a goof-for-hire in such comedies as the "Police Academy" sequels, has quietly transformed himself into a comedy CEO.

Fans of the anarchic jokester-turned-producer can look forward to several upcoming TV projects, including a game show and two children’s programs. “If I’m gonna be making crap,” says Goldthwait, “at least now it’s gonna be my crap.”

Though he’s just 36, Goldthwait is the granddaddy of alternative comedy — the angry, improvisational style practiced these days by Janeane Garofalo, Kathy Griffin and others. Somewhat mellower than he used to be, Goldthwait expects 1998 to be the year of the Bobcat. First, there’s “Bobcat’s Big-Ass Show,” a game show/comedy/variety show hybrid for FX cable television that he terms “chaos in the form of a game show.”

Then for Disney, Goldthwait is co-creating and directing “The Aquabats,” starring a real L.A. alternative/ska band that dresses up as superheroes. “Think the Power Rangers meets the Monkees,” he says. “My goal is to have Marilyn Manson on as the tooth fairy.” Goldthwait is also writing scripts for a Nickelodeon show about dogs who come from outer space. “Put a fat little dog in a pair of pants and make him talk,” says the comic, who plans to cast his own dog, Gorby.

Goldthwait, who began his stand-up career at age 15 and got his first Letterman booking at 20, is also co-writing a film script called “Extreme Klutz,” which he hopes to direct. The first movie he wrote and directed, 1991’s alcoholic Bozo-fest “Shakes the Clown,” got mauled by critics but caught one notable movie fan’s eye: Martin Scorsese praised the film in a recent interview.

“He went off on it and said, ‘It’s an original, and he creates a whole new world,'” explains an amazed Goldthwait. “I’ve got to write him a letter. ‘Dear Marty — I enjoy some of your pictures, too. Why all the violence? Why does everyone have to curse so much? I am currently working on a script called “GoodLamas,” about a wiseguy Dalai Lama. Like to hear your feedback. Your pal, fellow director Bobcat Goldthwait.'”