Dicaprio Vs. Damon On The Net

Hollywood’s current hunky Boy Wonders — Titanic lead Leonardo DiCaprio and Good Will Hunting‘s Matt Damon — have inspired a flutter of fan sites, mostly byte-size celebrations of actorly talent and “cutie patootie.” Judging by the 150-plus DiCaprio-related Web pages, and the scores of HTML-wielding young women hailing the actor’s blue-eyed charms, the former Romeo’s roles have served him well. In fact, it is two young guys who oversee two of the most popular Leonardo outposts: Darrell Gaskin’s Completely Unofficial Leonardo DiCaprio Page (http://www.dicaprio.com), featuring vital stats, has clocked more than 1 million hits since mid-1995; software consultant Christopher Hynes goes overboard on his Totally DeCapitated (http://www.cricketmedia.com/leo), a collection of moony sonnets and stories that has drawn nearly 450,000 visitors. Damon’s more recent stardom might explain why he garners only 11 Net devotions. But banish such thoughts while visiting The Unofficial Matt Damon Page (http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Studio/1635), whose Rumour Clinic fuels the message boards, where fans speculate about Damon’s love interests and, uh, shoe size. Like Hynes’ site, the Matt Damon page (members.aol.com/meliloo/index.html) forges into the literary landscape with, thus far, one poem: “Matt is so phat./Wow! Wow! Matt!”