Kevin Smith and the Olsen twins made headlines this week

Inking a Deal
Director Tim Burton may have eighty-sixed his script for the next Superman movie, but that hasn’t stopped writer-director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy) from living out his comic-book fantasies. In addition to owning a comics store (Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, in Red Bank, N.J.), Smith has written two titles of his own: a Jay & Silent Bob series (based on the ubiquitous stoner duo seen in his films) and Clerks. (The Comic Book), which furthers the adventures of Dante and Randal. Continuing his comic escapades, the writer recently teamed up with artist Joe Quesada for six issues of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil, with the first due out in September. And Smith has also agreed to write for DC Comics’ popular Green Arrow. “It’s always been a dream,” says Smith, whose upcoming comedy Dogma starts shooting in March. “And at least now I’m working in a medium where I know Tim Burton isn’t going to come in and go, ‘Let’s sh–can this thing and move on.'”

Two Girls & a Sitcom
There are plenty of familiar female faces plotting their return to TV this fall, like Roseanne, Pamela Lee, and Mary Tyler Moore. But are you ready for some girl…uh, little girl power? After conquering the direct-to-video market, those sassy twins of Full House fame — Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, now 11 — will shoot a kiddiecom pilot for ABC, which has already promised the girls a 13-episode commitment. A likely scenario has them yukking it up in a Parent Trap-style situation, playing preteens who live with their college professor dad and a quirky nanny. “There’s been an aching need to know what the girls have been up to,” blurts a hyperbolic ABC source. “Now the iron curtain will be lifted and American kids can once again share in the Olsen experience.” Can’t wait for the Hanson guest spot.

Drive My Car
Are Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison about to introduce the world to the New Beetle? The people at Volkswagen are hoping so. A spokesman for the German carmaker, which will issue a ’90s version of its classic Bug in March, says VW has approached the three surviving Beatles to star in its European, and possibly U.S., marketing campaigns. “The car evokes magical feelings for people,” says VW’s Tony Fouladpour, who equates the enchantment with the public’s sentiments for the Fab Four. But will that come across in a TV ad? Not likely. “Any idea that George, Paul, and Ringo are going to come together as the Threetles for an endorsement is nonsense,” says Beatles rep Geoff Baker, who adds that the musicians are approached daily with offers. “Volkswagen is being very cute,” says Baker. “But any belief that the Beatles are going to re-form to endorse anything is out to lunch.”