J. Peterman's 'Titanic' tie-ins and Donna Karan's 'Great Expectations' grab made headlines this week

J. Peteman and Donna Karan: Fashion Etc.

On Deck
A few weeks ago, J. Peterman — the real one, not Seinfeld‘s — left on a camel jaunt through India to unearth new wares for his catalog. He should have just gone to the movies, since the screen is yielding his hot-ticket items. Peterman’s sales of such Titanic props as lifeboats and life jackets just topped the $750,000 mark, and even more memorabilia (including the tickets won by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson in a poker game) will be peddled in upcoming mail outs. That’s just the tip of the iceberg: Peterman is negotiating to do more movie tie-ins. But becoming a Planet Hollywood outpost may annoy the catalog’s fans — especially the ones on Seinfeld. In a recent episode, Jerry dissed Peterman’s selling of “crap from the Titanic.”…

Grass Cuttings
Gwyneth Paltrow’s wardrobe in Great Expectations — all in rich shades of leaf, moss, and hunter green — may make you green with envy, but don’t try to find it. Expectations, shot in 1996, used some of Donna Karan‘s fall ’96 line, which is no longer available. If you’re still fervent for verdant, a Karan spokesperson notes, “I’m sure Donna will bring green back… but not this fall.”