Great Expectations

“My friends and I were talking, and I was saying I [only] do independent films. And they were like, ‘Oh, shut up! You’re a cheesy f—ing movie star!’ I said, ‘That is not true! I do art movies!’ They’re like, ‘You’re not a cool art actress unless you’ve had a good independent movie that’s a commercial failure!’ I said, ‘Hard Eight, that’s my redemption.’ And they said, ‘Oh, yeah. Okay, you win.”‘ — Great Expectations‘ Gwyneth Paltrow on E! Online

“Chris Farley was a good friend of mine…. His death affected me more so [than the deaths of my parents] because…I was there with him partying. It scared me straight. I had actually been sober for a month and I knew that he was in rehab. And the next news I heard, he was dead. I screamed. I couldn’t comprehend his death, and it was because of drugs and alcohol. I wasn’t too into drugs, but I definitely drank.” — NewsRadio‘s Andy Dick on Real Hollywood Online

“I think musical ability is genetic. It is passed on. My 5-year-old son is very musical. His mother and I are both singers and he is a singer. I don’t think he even thinks about it…he sings over chord changes. But there is a lot of music in the house, a lot of singing in the house.” — The Capeman‘s Paul Simon on America Online

“I wish my biceps were as nice [now] as they were in Hamlet! But, of course, with the movies you do have the additional help with makeup artists. But I did work hard for that part and we were always practicing the fight — for months and months! Film vanity is the greatest spur! You can look [good] on film and want it back!” — The Gingerbread Man‘s Kenneth Branagh on AOL