Readers respond to Calista Flockhart, Garth Brooks, and 'Tracy Takes On...'

Feedback: ‘Ally McBeal’

‘Ally’ Cats
I’m male. I’m an attorney…. And I love Ally McBeal (#416, Jan. 30). Any lawyer who questions the show’s verisimilitude with a lawyer’s life lacks the imagination needed to enjoy it. The characters on this show are not paragons as people or as lawyers. They are flawed, very real, gorgeous, and very funny.
William J. Becker Jr.
Los Angeles

As one of the 5.8 million men who started watching Ally McBeal after Monday Night Football ended, I freely admit that I started watching because of the length of Ally’s skirts. But what kept me watching is Calista Flockhart. Ally’s imperfections make her more real and, therefore, sexier than any other woman on television.
Mike Leister

Could you please tell the waiflike Ms. Flockhart to have a Twinkie? I’ll bet her Golden Globe weighs more than she does.
Susan Sullivan
Belleville, Ill.

Party On, Garth!
I have trouble with Chris Willman’s Garth-Brooks-as-bad-guy article. In his struggle with Capitol and EMI, he’s battling with people who would be content to package country music in a cute little redneck box. I applaud his endeavors to make sure that the marketing is targeted at everyone. I see him as a musical Robin Hood — taking from the muckety-mucks to give to the fans.
Stephanie Fletcher
Bremerton, Wash.

Without a ‘Tracey’
I would like to commend Bruce Fretts on speaking the “god- awful truth” about Tracey Takes On…. I was beginning to think something was wrong with me for not getting why this show is so critically acclaimed. Ms. Ullman is a talented character actress, but her characters also have to be funny.
Jennifer Palumbo

Crossing ‘Bridges’
In your Between the Lines column (Books, #415, Jan. 23) you quoted an anonymous source as saying “And look [how low] the ratings are for Nash Bridges.” In fact, Nash Bridges consistently beats the critically acclaimed Homicide: Life on the Street. Nash Bridges has improved noticeably upon its two time-slot predecessors and has improved on all five of its lead-ins. It is also the sixth-highest-rated show on CBS in the key 18-49 demographics. Any way you cut it, it’s a far cry from low ratings.
Cartlon Cuse
Executive Producer, Nash Bridges

Net Gain
I had saved the Jan. 23 EW so that after I saw Titanic I could read the article (“Deep Thoughts”) about what was fact and what was fiction. After I saw the movie, wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t find my magazine! Then it occurred to me…EW Online ( Some magazine websites have only a few select articles to view. I was thrilled to discover that subscribers can access any article! You made my post-Titanic debriefing so much more enjoyable.
Jennifer Nashif

Corrections: A Life Less Ordinary was distributed by Twentieth Century Fox (Style). The Titanic was built in Belfast, not Southampton (Books).